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About us

METEOPROG weather in Sweden based on the weather forecast numerical model is presented by weather maps, meteograms and weather tables for more than 9000 cities including 108 cities of Sweden.

Computer modeling is guided by Ukrainian Center of Environmental and Water Projects – UCEWP. From the date of Chernobyl NPP accident the experts of UCEWP together with leading EU, U.S. and Russian scientific centers are involved in large-scale environment mathematical modeling projects.

Using modern scientific research works in the field of computational meteorology, weather portal METEOPROG delivers its users a unique service – detailed weather forecast.

METEOPROG is a joint project of Internet Company FanMedia and UCEWP.

Ukrainian Center of Environmental and Water Projects (UCEWP) was founded in 1999 by Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine and Institute of Mathematical Machines and Systems Problems of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. It is a scientific, engineering and information center specializing in weather forecasting, rivers and floods hydrology mode, coastal areas dynamics, environment pollution, radiation safety, environmental management, water objects management decision-making support software development.


Contact Us

e-mail: info@meteoprog.com

tel. +38 044 583-52-08